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Hunter Deck 101

Hunter Deck 101

Rexxar has saved the Horde countless times. Currently, he is settled with his bear Misha at Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blades Edge Mountains. He’s an incredible hunter, and as such, is the perfect representative of the Hearthstone Hunter Deck.   The Hunter deck is not only one of the easiest decks to learn, in my ...

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Rexxar has saved the Horde countless times. Currently, he is settled with his bear Misha at Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blades Edge Mountains. He’s an incredible hunter, and as such, is the perfect representative of the Hearthstone Hunter Deck.


The Hunter deck is not only one of the easiest decks to learn, in my opinion, it is also one of the easiest to play. I always recommend it to new players instead of spoiling them with the Mage deck.  Just because Hunters are easy to play, does not mean that they are worse off in the late game. The assortment of traps and skills that Hunters possess makes them difficult to defeat.


The following is written as a beginner’s strategy guide that can be used to help you out in the early stages of getting to know Rexxar. There is not an emphasis on Legendary or Epic cards in this deck because, as I stated before, it is for beginners. If you’ve been playing for a while, don’t worry. many of the ideas and tactics presented in this guide will carry over into the later stages of the game. So it is quite useful.


The guide also provides a few Epic and Legendary cards toward the end for you to keep an eye out during your travels with Rexxar. So, let’s get started shall we?


Overall Strategy

Rexxar is a hunter, and as such he has plenty of strong tools to damage your opponents. The synergy and stacking effects with beasts coupled with his Secrets makes him extremely powerful.


General Tactics

Rexxar can be played in many ways based on how you build your deck. Look over these tactics, choose your favorites, and implement them in the best ways you see fit.


Harass, Heal, Extend

This is self explanatory. Fill your deck with minions that heal so that you can survive longer. Along the way, take out the opponents taunters and other minions. Whenever you can, damage your opponent’s hero. But don’t let the  opponent get too many minions or you’ll be overrun.

Some helpful cards are:

Voodoo Doctor
Kill Command
Arcane Shot
Darkscale Healer

Tanks and Taunts

Tanks protect the raid in WoW by keeping the aggro of the boss off of you and away from your teammates. Hearthstone has the same deal, but with Taunt Minions. As long as there is Taunt Minion on the board, the opposing Minions and Hero MUST attack them until they are defeated. There are some exceptions to this of course, as some spells can bypass Taunt Minions. A good rule of thumb though, keep taunts up as much as possible. Protect yourself. If they can’t hit you, you can’t lose!

Some helpful cards:

Senjin Shieldmasta
Silverback Patriarch

Scare Tactics

Normally, you’d think scaring your opponent would be left to the Warlock or Rogue playstyles, but scaring your opponents with Hunters is not only effective, but profitable.

They key to this tactic is to get your opponent to waste expensive cards clearing your board rather than attacking you.

Throw down a Core Hound and watch as your opponent scurries to remove this 9/5 badboy from the board, lest they take some serious hurt next time around. They can’t ignore it. They’re going to have to blow their biggest cards to get this badboy off the board, and quickly!

Quick Draw McGraw!

There’s nothing worse than running out of cards in a card game. It’s called Card Starvation. Basically, you throw all tactics out the window and literally play off the top of the deck. It’s up to Lady Luck whether or not you win.  This, obviously, is a problem.

To prevent yourself from suffering Card Starvation, add draw cards to your deck. Some simple, early use cards include:

Loot Hoarder
Starving Buzzard

Controlling Your Opponent

Plain and simple, you want NOTHING on your opponent’s side of the board. But, they’re pretty persistent on filling it up with cards believe it or not.

So, make sure you’ve got silence, dispel, and of course, board clear. As a Hunter, your deck should ALWAYS include:

Deadly Shot
Ironbeak Owl


Advanced Strategies

Now, things get technical.


Your Dirty Little Secret

Hunters get secrets. Basically, it is a hidden trap that intimidates, and hinders your opponents. They only trigger under certain conditions and they have some devastating effects. My two favorites are Snipe and Misdirection.

Hunters have a big bag of tricks up their sleeves. I’ll let you discover the others for yourself to see how much fun they are ;)



Hunters have two available weapons associated with their deck (at the time of this writing) and are both useful based on how you build your deck.

The Eaglehorn Bow is a 3 attack 2 durability card that gains an additional durability each time a Secret is revealed. If your deck is Secret-heavy, this is a great card to hold onto.

The Gladiator’s Longbow is awesome. It’s an Epic so it may be hard to come by. It is a 5 attack 2 durability weapon that costs 7 mana. Best part? It makes your hero immune when attacking. This makes it perfect for taking down a buffed up enemy minion or a real powerhouse of a card. It’s also useful for finishing off Rogues, Druids, and Warriors who may have weapons equipped themselves.


Leader of the Pack

Hunters have incredible beast synergy. The more beasts on the field, the higher your chances of winning. If you have Starving Buzzard, your card draw will be phenomenal especially with the low cost Animal Companion card which lets you summon a random beast companion including Taunt creatures.

TL;DR – more beasts means more wins!


Final Deck Building Advice

Hunters are incredibly powerful when played properly. Consider these incredibly important pointers when building your first deck.

  • Beasts, beasts, and more beasts!
  • The more card effects, the better
  • Consider your Mana curve, think “What can I cast with 5-10 mana as a play?” Not “How can I max out early game?”
  • You probably have way more than the 30 cards allowed in the Hearthstone Deck. This is a good thing. Build you deck according to your opponents.
  • Taunts. Always bring taunts to the party
  • Fill your deck with cards that compliment, not cards that are good by themselves.
  • Bottom line, enjoy the climb to max level! Once you’re there, then get strategic

DISCLAIMER: At the time of this posting the game is in Beta. All of this information is subject to change, without notice, based on hotfixes and patches Blizzard applies to the game.


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