How to get Free Hearthstone Packs?

Getting the most out of your Hearthstone gameplay can be expensive, which is why we are proud to present out Free Hearthstone Pack service. We don't need your account login details, or any access to personal information. All that's needed is your Hearthstone username/email, and the amount of gold and dust you would like to be applied to your account. You can be back to playing Hearthstone in under 90 seconds... how cool is that? Below I will run you through the process of obtaining your Free Hearthstone Packs, as well as explaining more about the service and why we provide this.

Why are you providing this?

As I'm sure you're cautious when using sites claiming to hack or provide something for nothing, let me explain here why I provide this. I've been playing Hearthstone since the very start of January 2014, so I've got a few years experience playing and spending money on the game. In my time outside of the game, I study Cyber Security in a UK university and like to participate in Bug Bounty programs (testing websites/apps to make sure they're secure). As I play Hearthstone a lot, I decided to experiment with the systems they use for in game transactions and payments, out of curiosity.

This led me to discover a vulnerability in Hearthstones payment and currency transaction module, which I initially disclosed to Hearthstone but unfortunately I was ignored. This does happen a lot when I contact companies about vulnerabilities, but as I played Hearthstone a lot and love the game, and I didn't have any malicious intent. As they have disregarded my contact, I've decided to let you use this for free, in hopes Blizzard take notice and fix this as well as any other issues there might be in the game. Getting something to put on my CV really helps my job prospects out - especially from a large company like Blizzard.

How do I use this to get free Hearthstone Packs?

First things first, head over to the generator page here, or click the button at the top or bottom of this page. Once the page loads, you will see a screen with inputs for your Hearthstone username or email (you can use either), the amount of gold you want and the amount of dust. Enter your desired values, I would suggest entering 1 dust and gold just to test it out if you're being cautious. Click the "Generate" button at the bottom, and let the page load. It usually takes a few seconds, but sometimes we get a lot of traffic which delays things. Please be paitent, it's never longer than 10-20 seconds so the wait isn't too bad. Once the page has loaded, you will see a box appear asking to prove you're not a robot (similar to CAPTCHAs). Click the button, and follow the onscreen steps. It shouldn't take too long and it's simple to do.

After you've completed the above steps, head on over to Hearthstone and login. If you were already logged in and don't see any change in your dust or gold, log out and then log back in. Once you've logged back in, you will see the extra gold and dust you selected earlier on - all for free! Enjoy using this, I know I love playing Hearthstone and I found that removing the in game transactions really helped me enjoy it more - as money is very tight when studying at university.

Hearthstone Hack

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to log out to use this?

You don't have to, but if you see no change in the amount of gold and dust that's on your account a restart of the game client is required.

Could this get me banned?

No your account is completely safe, and I have used the gold and dust for many free Hearthstone Packs. I wouldn't make this live if your account could be in danger, as I have invested a lot of time into the game too.

How long will this be free for?

In all honesty I don't know. This is tested multiple times a day depending on how much other work I have. I will take the site down and put up a notice if anything changes, so my advice is to use it whilst you can!

Can I tell my friends about this?

Sure why not, I'd appreciate if you gave us a share on Facebook/Twitter, but that's up to you if you want to share Hearthstone related content on social media.


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    Omg! No way I can't believe this, lmao I'm keeping this a secret

    Kayberz - Sunday 27th of May 2018 reply

    I agree, if everyone starts telling people this will stop working really quick.

  • IratePirate - Sunday 27th of May 2018 reply

    Dude can u teach me how to hack stuff?

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